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Have the blood Gods been whispering to you?

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Very poetic

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"If modernity was characterized by spiritual sobriety, our present condition is one of spiritual autism."

--- Which do you think is better to address this: Integral Theory via Ken Wilber or Meta-modernism via Hanzi Freinacht? Some meta-modernists critique Integral as being overly focused on personal transformation to the exclusion of practical socio-political evolution. Wilber has his own critiques of the current meta-modern movement, which I haven't looked into yet. I gather that Integral appeals largely to a Boomer, Gen X and older Millennial crowd while the contemporary Meta-modern Movement appears to draw the younger half of Millennials and Gen Z.

"Foucault didn’t kill meaning, he’s with you at the funeral, striving to lift your spirits. Postmodernism’s sin is not that it kills, but rather that it draws out death. "

--- Most internet peeps these days throw around the term "postmodern" without ever even having heard of Foucault. Glad to see there's someone who does.

"Inevitably, Western anthropology discovered such ubiquity, and, for a few decades in the 20th century, wondered why modern man was excepted."

--- Modern people are not excepted. They find this through religion, which happens in community. One example being the chatechism and confirmation of Catholic youth. It's not a one day event. They spend several months preparing and shadowing a chosen saint. Similarly Judaism has it's bar and batmizvahs. Similarly the initiatory rites of traditional tribes past and present (the few that are left) take place within a community of related people one has known since birth. The initiatory rituals are not a one day thing but several months are spent preparing the child. What non-religious modern man is missing is this community and the extended family bonds that make all this possible. I guess Bly tried to recreate that amongst non-related men who were not living amongst each other but would meet every now and then at some retreat center in the woods. Absent an actual blood family one can create a family amongst friends but they must be living together in community. Not spread out and flying in every 4 months to attend a retreat.

It is this absence of lived community that is most hurting non-religious people today. It is this absence of lived community that will ensure that men on the internet will never get together in real life and actually create anything meaningful for suffering men.

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