To stare this deeply into the abyss, and laugh, is no mean trick. This is the orientation that will be necessary to make it through the coming tribulations, and carry that which is worth preserving to the other side.

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I see you've linked to old news about Asian Muslim grooming gangs in the UK. What do you think about Andrew Tate's conversion to Islam and the effect it might have on his millions of young male fans the world over? Tate claims Islam "solves" all the current problems of "western civilization".

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Feb 25·edited Feb 25

We must look forward, not back.

1. The most nostalgic period for these "good 'ol days" American conservatives is the 1950s. But the reason why the American middle class was created then was due solely to social programs like the GI Bill, Social Security, and the highest tax rates in history for the Corporate class. If we want a resurgence of the "good life" we'd have to repeat all that and Capitalism is not having it!

2. AI, robots, Smart cities and other high tech is the future. It will change life as we know it for everyone on Earth. Better to just embrace it. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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